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With the 1 child law in China what happens if a couple has twins

With the 1 child law in China what happens if a couple has twins?
I've read that the only child gets special privileges like health care, schooling etc. But, what happens when twins are born. Does the oldest only get those privileges or do both kids get them?
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I don't know I'm sure the law is written to include exceptions though. Maybe its one pregnancy as opposed to one child.
2 :
they eat one of them
3 :
It isn't a law. My aunt is planing to have another one. She already has 2
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They keep them and if the first born is a girl they can try again. I just watched this on PBS " Inside China "
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I'm going to guess that they don't have both. My dad saw a CNN special on the 1 child law, and the people in China were having abortions even up into the last trimester if they found out they were having girls... They only want boys, because of security in their future, but CNN said that hard times are ahead in China due to the fact no girls are even being born. Because of how loose China is with abortion, even at the end of pregnancy, I wonder if they even allow people to have both of the babies...
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I found this info ..
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Well if twins are born: boy & boy- keep one boy, put the other one up for adoption boy & girl- keep boy and put girl up for adoption girl & girl- keep one girl and put other one up for adoption
8 :
simple answer,they either have to pay for both children entire up-bringing or, kill one of them and they will have the other child's education paid for by china. they usualy kill the female because men are better at bringing in money for the family, in twins case they'll probably kill off the weaker of the pair.
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Angelina Jolie gets one. just kidding! I think they keep them both.
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They keep them both, or give one up for adoption if they can't afford it (usually they can't). If both parents are only childs, then they can have two children, or if they live in a rural area. If both parents are minority people, then they can have 3.

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